Add Portraits and Import PSPA

Add Portraits and Import PSPA


1. From your project’s dashboard, find and click the “People” link from the left menu.

2. To import from a PSPA CD, click “Use PSPA” from the center of the screen or click "Import PSPA" from the "Add/Import" menu at the top right.

3. Next, you’ll be asked to choose the CD where the portraits exist.

Find and select the directory that contains the INDEX.TXT or Datafile.txt file. For Lifetouch CDs, please select the LIFETOUCH directory.

4. With the file or directory from step 3 selected, click “Upload”.


If there are no errors found, the portraits and data will begin to upload to your project while updating you on the upload progress.

If you are importing portraits into a project that already has portraits, the system will attempt to merge any duplicates. For the portrait importer to merge two or more duplicates the portraits must have the exact same information such as photo, name, grade, etc.

Adding a single portrait


1. You can add one portrait at a time by clicking “Add/Import” from the people manager and then "Add New Person".

2. Click “Add new person”.


3. Click the "Browse" button to select a source and the desired image from that source. At a minimum, enter the person’s first name and last name.  If necessary, you can come back later to add a photo and other information.

4. Click “Save”.


Adding Multiple Portraits

This option allows you to import several portrait photos at once and add the student data afterwards.

1. To begin, click on the "Add/Import" button

2. Click on "Import from another source"

3. Select the source you would like to upload from

4. Choose the portrait images you would like to import (you can hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple images) and click the "Upload" button

5. Once the portrait images finish uploading, you can start filling in student information by clicking on the student and clicking the "Edit" button.


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