Adding a Portrait Section

Adding a Portrait Section


Creating a New Portrait Section

1. From your project’s dashboard, find the “Sections” module located on the left side


2. Click “New Section”.

 3. Click the “Portrait” section type

4. Click “Next”.

 5. If you have not imported or added any portraits yet, then you’ll only be able to name your section and enter the number of desired pages. If you have imported or added portraits to your project, then you’ll have additional options for setting up portrait rules.


6. Now (or later), you’ll want to set up what portraits should flow into this section.

 Choose a Grade, Teacher, and/or Homeroom. The number next to these lists will show you how many portraits will flow into the section for the given rules.

7. Next, choose how many pages you plan to have in the section. You can add or remove pages later, but doing so now will create the number of pages you want to start with.

 To help you decide how many pages to add to the section, choose a number from “Planned portraits per page”. Based on your choice of portraits per page, we’ll recommend the number of pages the section should have so all desired portraits will fit in the section.

 For example, if the section has 100 portraits and you plan to have 25 portraits per page, then you’ll need 4 pages in the section.

 Later, you will choose the actual layout for your section pages. At which point, you can decide how many portraits per page you’ll actually have.

 8. Click “Finish”.


Editing Portrait Section Rules

1. After the portrait section has been created, find it in the “Sections” module (denoted by a portrait silhouette)

2. To the right of the section’s name, click the gear icon

3. Click “Edit portrait rules”.

 4. Edit Grade, Teacher, and/or Homeroom.

 5. Click “Save”.

 The section will update to show portraits that match the new rules

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