Connection Troubleshooting

Connection Troubleshooting

The ability to use our Creator Studio software successfully relies on unconditional access to multiple different URLs through an internet connection.  If a connection cannot be established to one or more of these URLs, the following may happen:

1.    A user may log into Creator Studio and not see any of their projects on the library shelf.
2.    A user may see "broken" project icons on the library shelf.
3.    A user may get stuck during the saving process while working on a project.
4.    A user may get stuck attempting to open an existing project (this can be caused by other issues as well).
5.    A user may attempt to order a project, but not see anything on the order page.
6.    A project may never finish uploading.

When one of the above occurs, a quick way to determine if the internet connection is actually the problem would be to have the user visit our connectivity web page. You can find the connectivity test after you have logged in by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and clicking "Connection Test".

That page will run through a connection check of all the necessary URLs required to use Creator Studio. If one or more URLs are unable to connect, they will be flagged in red as "Failed."
When this happens, the listed "Failed" URLs are almost certainly being blocked by the user's network or security suite. 

If you encounter any failed connections in the connectivity test, please contact a customer success specialist to get a list of URLs that you can provide your network administrator to add to a whitelist. 


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