Converting a Flash project to HTML5

Converting a Flash project to HTML5

If you have any projects that were created before 2017, there is a good chance that these projects were created in our legacy editor based on the now defunct Adobe Flash Player. These legacy projects cannot be edited, and starting on 3/10/22, you will no longer be able to sell or order these Flash projects. However, we have created a tool that will allow yearbook advisers to convert their old Flash based projects to our new and improved HTML5 editor. 

To convert a Flash project to HTML5, log into your account and click the 3-dot menu of the Flash project and choose "Copy Project as HTML5"

Note: Flash projects can be identified by the red banner that says "Flash Format"

You will then be presented with a warning letting you know that there could be some inconsistencies after converting your project to HTML5. So you will want to review each page after converting to make sure nothing was lost in translation. You will want to pay particular attention to portrait pages since the logic used to create Flash layouts is very different than the logic used in HTML5 layouts. So you may have to reapply portrait layouts after converting. 

Note: If you have a Flash project in a store, you will want to make sure you unpublish that project and replace it with the new converted HTML5 version. If you do not replace the Flash book in your store, customers will be shown a message letting them know that the book can no longer be purchased.

After reading the warning, click "Continue" and fill in the information for your new project. Make sure to change the book title so you do not get the two versions mixed up later on. Click "Create" when you are done filling in the required information

That's it! Your project has now been converted to our new and improved HTML5 based software.
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