Copying a Project

Copying a Project

Want to make a backup copy of your project? Maybe you want to create a special edition of your yearbook just for seniors or staff? If so, you can easily create a copy of your project at any time. Just click on your project in Creator Studio, and select "Copy Project" 

Then you can fill in the information for your new project. When naming your copy, it's VERY important to give it a name different than the original so you don't accidentally work in the wrong book.


Click the "Create" button and your copied project will be waiting for you in Creator Studio.


Please Note: Creating a copy of your project will bring everything over from the original (except for team members). If you do not wish to copy all your images, you might want to consider creating a new project and choosing the "Create from Existing Project" option so only the layouts are copied and can be used as a template. 

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