Free Form Layouts

Free Form Layouts

Add a layout

1. Access the page layouts by clicking on the  tab on the left

2. Browse the layouts by category and filter based on number of photos per page

3. Drag the layout you want to use onto your page. If you drag a "spread" layout on to a single page, you'll be asked if you first want to convert your single pages into a spread. 


Save a Layout

1. Navigate to the page(s) of the layout you want to save

2. Click the  button

3. Choose which side of the page you would like to save (this option is not available if you are saving a 2 page spread)

4. Enter a name for the layout

5. Choose whether you want the layout to be seen by other team members by checking this checkbox


Note: Your saved layouts can be found under "My Layouts" and/or "Team Layouts".


Use a layout from another page

1. Click the "Import Layout" button in the layouts panel

2. Choose a previous or current project from the dropdown menu.

3. Drag the layout you want to use on top your page. 

Note: You can only use layouts from other free form sections. Layouts from portrait sections will be grayed out. Also, you will not be able to use layouts that were saved as 2 page spreads on a single page.



If you would like to learn about using layouts in a portrait section, click here

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