How to add Web Content (QR codes)

How to add Web Content (QR codes)

This feature is useful if you would like to link a particular event in the yearbook to relevant web content. For instance, you can include a QR code on the Drama Club page which links to a YouTube video of the school’s Drama Club performance.

Anyone with a QR code reader (using a smartphone) will be able to scan the code to access the web content.

1. To get started, click on the "Add Photos" button while you are in the page editor of a section-based book or from a section or folder in the photo management are of your project.


2. Click on the "Make a QR code" button



3. Type in the appropriate web address (or paste it) and click on the Add button to generate the code.


4. Once the QR code appears to the right, click the "Upload" button. The code is added as an image to the desired section or folder. You can then drop the QR code image on to any page or cover. 



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