How to Assign, Edit and Delete Team Members

How to Assign, Edit and Delete Team Members

How to Add New Team Members

The yearbook adviser and senior editor(s) are able to add members to their team. This allows multiple people to have access to work on the yearbook.


1. To add a team member, click the "New Team Member" button found in the top right corner of your project's dashboard. 


2. Enter the new team member's first/last name as well as the email address they will use to register/sign in. You will also need to select a role for this team member (see role definitions below). If you choose "Editor" for the role, you will also need to choose the pages/sections you want this person to have access to. 


How to join the project and edit the book as a team member

  1. Click on the link in the invitation email. Click “Sign In or Sign Up” and create an account. It is critical that when creating the account the email the invitation was sent to matches the email entered in the new account log in. If they don’t match the project will not appear in the dashboard when the new team member signs in. 
    Note: If invitee already has an account, they will need to log out of previous session before they will see the new project they were invited to

  2. Once you sign in, the project you were invited to will appear in the “My Projects” section. 

  3. Click on the cover thumbnail and choose the "Edit" option to open the book and get to work!


How to Edit Team Members

Hover your mouse over the team members name. Then click the pencil icon 

Now you can edit the team member's name or change their assigned role and click "Save". 

Note: You cannot change the email address assigned to the user. To change the email address, you will need to delete the team member and re-invite them using the new email address.


How to Delete Team Members

To remove a team member, simply click the red X that appears when hovering your mouse over a team member's name


Team Member Roles Defined

ADVISER - The adviser is in charge of the yearbook project and has access to all sections and editing tools. In addition, the adviser can add and assign roles to other team members, manage members, supervise and organize photos, create and manage a store, request a PDF proof and is the only person who can place an order on behalf of the school.

SENIOR EDITOR - The Senior Editor has all the abilities the adviser has except for ordering, store management, and adjusting the price of the book.

EDITOR - An Editor is assigned a particular section to work on, therefore you must create sections within the Section/Page Manager prior to assigning anyone this position. Editors cannot access sections they are not assigned to.

 PHOTO EDITOR - A Photo Editor has access to all of the images within the Manage Photos module in the project dashboard, but cannot access any sections.

VIEWERS - Viewers can browse the book, but cannot make any alterations. This is the ideal position for anyone who has volunteered to help proofread the book.


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