How to Crop and Resize Photos

How to Crop and Resize Photos

Crop, Resize, and Rotate

Once a photo has been added to a page, you can begin to make adjustments to that photo including cropping and resizing.

Below is a selected photo on a page. The blue squares are called “handles”. Each handle has a function:

Click and drag the top most center handle to rotate the photo left or right.

Click and drag any of the corner handles to resize the photo to make it bigger or smaller.

Click and drag any of the edge handles to crop the photo. For example, dragging the right edge handle inward will crop off the right side of the photo.

NOTE: Resizing a photo too large can lower its printing quality. The system will try to warn you of low print quality photos with a red exclamation  in the middle of the photo.


Cropping without changing ratio

Sometimes, you may not want to drag the handles to crop because the photo is part of a layout where the photo must be a certain ratio or shape. To crop in this case, follow these steps:


1. Click on the photo.


2. An “Edit Photo" panel will open on the left.

3. Click “Crop/Position Photo”.


4. The zoom level window will open.

5. You can use the zoom level slider to zoom in and out of your image. You can also reposition the image within the photo well by clicking and dragging the move arrows. 


6. To save your changes, click the "Apply" button.




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