How to edit a Freeform Section/Page

How to edit a Freeform Section/Page

To begin editing a section, click on the name of the freeform section you’d like to edit


If you are creating a yearbook in ladder format, you will need to click "Manage Ladder" to see a list of all your pages. Now you can click on the section you want to edit





On the left, you'll see a toolbar which contains tabs for Sections (or Ladder if you are creating in Ladder format), Themes, Layouts, Edit Photo, Backgrounds, and Elements.



Undo and Redo

To the right of the Add More button, the  and  buttons allow you to easily retract an edit if you make a mistake or want to quickly see how your pages look with or without a particular edit.



In the upper right of your screen is the Zoom tool. This is helpful for zooming in on a portion of a page while editing that page.



To the right of the Zoom tool, you will see an Advanced button. This button will give you access to editing tools like Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste in Place, Delete, Clear Image, and Select All. You will also have access to change the Rulers, Grids and Guides, Portrait Settings, Page Number Settings, and Text Styles.



Manage Photos

Clicking the  button will show you an expanded view of all of your images. You may also use images from another section, filter photos by keyword, hide used photos, and sort photos. 


Add Photos

To add more photos to a section, click the  button. This will open a menu allowing you to upload new photos from your computer or one of many 3rd party image storage services (i.e. Vidigami, Facebook, Google Drive/Photos, and Dropbox). 


Manage Pages

Clicking the "Pages" tab, will show you a bird's eye view of all you pages within the current section







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