How to Set up Personalization (Advisers)

How to Set up Personalization (Advisers)

If you plan to sell your yearbook via an online storefront, then you can offer your customers a chance to personalize four pages for $7.95. Parents also have the ability to add up to an additional 8 pages for $1.50 per page. See below on how to enable the personalization option.


1) Login to your Creator Studio account and click on "Manage Sales" in the "Sell" tab (assuming you already created a storefront and published the yearbook)


2) Click "Sales Settings" in the left panel


3) Click the "Product Types and Add-Ons" section  

4) Select the option for "Personalized Pages". Note: Name Stamping and Personalized Pages cannot be offered in a store at the same time.


5) Click the “Save” button

Your existing customers who have already ordered this project will get an email inviting them to personalize their yearbooks.

Any future orders will also get the email to personalize.

Can I disable personalization later?

Personalization can only be disabled if no one has started a personalized section. If someone has started a personalization, you will be unable to disable personalization. 


When can customers personalize?

Customers can personalize their pages any time after they order, but must “finalize” their personalizations before you submit the pre-order queue to production. 


What is the deadline date?

When you first setup your project for pre-order sales, you specified a pre-order deadline when your customers must order by. Customers also must “finalize” their personalizations before this date. The deadline date is the date you expect to submit the project to production. Once you submit to production, customers can no longer pre-order or personalize. This date can be changed any time by visiting the “Pricing & Sale Options” settings in your storefront.


What does “finalize” mean?

When a customer finishes their personalized pages, they must click “Finalize” from the page editor. Once the pages have been finalized, they will be locked in and printed with their copy of the yearbook. Customers must finalize their pages to have them printed in their yearbook.

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