Image Folders (Ladder books)

Image Folders (Ladder books)



If you created a project in ladder format, you will notice images can be added and organized in folders (this only applies to ladder books and not section books). 


To start adding images to folders, click the Photos button from the left menu of your project's dashboard.


Under the Folders category, click Add Folder. Then name the folder and click Add.


Click on the folder you just created and click on the Add Photos button.


Choose the source you would like to upload images from and start selecting your images. Once you are done, click the Upload button


If you want to add subfolders, click the plus sign underneath the folder name and enter a name for the new subfolder and click the Add button



If you need to delete a folder or subfolder, click on the folder and then click the minus (-) sign. If the folder has images, you will not be able to delete it. You will need to delete the images first and then delete the folder


If you want to rename a folder, simply click the pencil and notepad icon

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