Image Types Supported

Image Types Supported

There are two file types you can import into Creator Studio: .JPG and .PNG files. JPG files are one of the most universal image file types saved. PNG files can be saved with a transparent background. This makes PNG file ideal when uploading art to your project.

For best results, we recommend using photos that are 240-300 DPI (dots per inch) at the maximum desired photo size (not to exceed 16MB). This will allow you to enlarge your photo to a reasonable size with minimal loss of quality. As the size of your photo is enlarged in our app, the DPI goes down. Our web app will alert you when your photo reaches below the minimum resolution for acceptable reproduction.

There is a size limit of 1.5 GB that you can import for each session you are logged into your project. This is a necessary step to accommodate a variety of computer and network systems.

Once the images are uploaded (which may take a while depending on the size of each photo), completely exit the project by clicking the Home button in the upper left corner of the app. Re-open your project to start a new session. Once it opens again, you can import another 1.5 GB worth of photos and repeat as necessary.

Pro Tip: Don’t upload every photo just because you can. Sort through them first and save time by only uploading the best ones.


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