Import Page Designs

Import Page Designs

Do you have a page or spread you designed on another page in your current project that you would like to use again without starting from scratch? If so, you can import the page/spread by clicking the "Import Page Designs" link found under the "Templates" tab in the left toolbar.


After clicking the link, you will see a drop down menu where you can choose which project you would like to import a design from. You can choose the current project you are working in, or choose a design from a previously created book. 

Note: You can only import designs from a project of the same size. Projects in a different size will not be displayed in the drop down menu. 


Once you have the desired project selected, you will be see a scrollable list of all the pages in that project. Once you find the page you want to import, click on the thumbnail of that page and it will automatically be applied. Be aware, if you already have design elements on your page and you import a design, you will lose all work on that page. 

Note: If you are on a single page, you can only import designs from other single pages. If you are on a 2 page spread, you can only import designs from other 2 page spreads. Also, you can only import a design from other free form pages (you cannot import designs from portrait pages, index pages, or parent ad pages). Ineligible pages will appear grayed out as seen on page 1 below

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