Parent Ad Management (Advisers)

Parent Ad Management (Advisers)

As a yearbook adviser, you will be the only team member that can review and manage ads. 

To manage ads, simply click the "Review and Manage Ads" button in your project's dashboard



Managing Ads

From here, you will be able to see 4 categories for managing ads



Pending ads are ads that parents have purchased and submitted for review. Be sure to review the ad to make sure there aren't any spelling errors or inappropriate content. If the ad is acceptable, click the "Approve" button. If you are not happy with the ad, click the "Deny" button. 



If you click the "Approve" button, the ad will go to the "Approved" category. Once an ad is approved, you will be able to use that ad and place it in an ad section. If you place an ad on a page, the ad will go into the "In Book" category. 



If you click the "Deny" button, you will be prompted with a "Deny Ad" modal. This will show you information about the ad and a field where you can let the parent know why the ad is being denied and what they should do to fix it. Once finished, click the "Deny & Send" button which will send an email to the parent that purchased the ad. The parent will see the reason for denial and they will be provided a link that will take them to the ad designer where they can edit and resubmit their ad. The ad will remain in the "Denied" category until the parent edits and resubmits the ad. Once the ad is resubmitted it will move back to the "Pending" category. 


In Book:

Once an ad is approved and placed on a page in an ad section, the ad will show up in the "In Book" category. Once an ad is used in the book, you will be unable to deny the ad. You must first remove the ad from the page and then you may deny the ad if you choose. 


Sorting and Filtering Ads

If you have many ads to review, you are able to sort and filter the results using the drop down menus in the top right

You can filter by ad size, student name, or grade. Once you apply the desired filters, you can then sort those results in alphanumerical order. 

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