Parent Ad Settings (Advisers)

Parent Ad Settings (Advisers)

As a yearbook adviser, you now have the option to sell Parent Ads. If you would like to offer Parent Ads, simply open your project and click "Parent Ads" from the left menu.


You should then be redirected to Ad Settings (or you can click the Ad Settings button at any time). Here are the settings that can be changed at any time:

Parent Ads URL:

This is where you can copy the URL that you can share with parents (this URL cannot be changed). Parents will visit this website to login or create an account if they do not already have one. Once logged in, parents will be able to start designing their ads. 

Note: If you plan to make your yearbook available for pre-order in one of our storefronts, parents will also be given the option to purchase Parent Ads directly from your online store.


Show "Design My Ad" button on Store

Check this checkbox if you want a designated button in your store that will take users to design a parent ad. If you do not want all yearbook customers to have the option to design an ad, uncheck this box and your customers will not be able to design an ad unless you specifically share the link with them. 


Offer ads to the following grades:

This is where you can select which grades will have the option to purchase Parent Ads. For example, if you only want to offer Parent Ads to juniors and seniors, then enter "Junior, Senior" in this space. When parents go to order an ad, they will only be given the options you specified in this step. 


Parent ad order deadline:

This is the date parents will have to design, purchase, and submit their ads by. Parents will be unable to submit an ad after the date you specify. Parents will see this deadline after they have started a new ad design. Make sure you give yourself enough time to review and approve ads well before your estimated order date. 


Choose which ads and prices to offer:

This is where you will be able to choose the ad sizes that will be available for parents to purchase. You can choose from full, half, 1/4, and 1/8 sizes. You will also be able to choose how much you want to sell each size for. 

Note: All sales of Parent Ads will be charged a 10% commission to cover costs, provide service, and continue to improve the ad program. 


You can choose between USD and CAD currency.

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