Portrait Settings

Portrait Settings

Portrait settings can be accessed by clicking the "Advanced" button in the top right corner of the editor and clicking the "Portrait Settings" option


From this menu, you will be able to adjust the display of names, casing of names, and the sorting of names.



Display of Names: These options will allow you to choose how you want portrait names displayed. You can choose to only show first names or only show last names (or both). You can choose if you want first names displayed first OR if you want last names displayed first. You can also choose to only show the initial of the student's first or last name.


Name Casing: This option allows you to change the casing of student names. The default option is to use the original casing that was used in the index file of your PSPA. If you want to use ALL CAPS for student names, choose the "All Caps" option. If you want to use proper casing, where we automatically capitalize the first letter of each student's first and last name, select the "Proper Case" option. 

NOTE: Your selection for name casing is universal among all portrait sections. If there is a student name that needs to be modified individually, you can do so by going to "Manage People", click on the student name, click the "Edit" button, choose the "use original" option, and modify the student name as necessary. 


Sort by (A to Z): This allows you to change how students are sorted alphabetically. You can sort by first names or last names. 

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