Requesting a digital proof

Requesting a digital proof

As yearbook adviser, you have the option to request a digital proof at any time. The proof will be sent to the adviser's email address that was used to create the account. 


To request a digital proof, click the "Request Proof" button located above your section ladder in project dashboard. If you are in a ladder-based book, this link will appear at the top of your project dashboard. 


If you would like to share the digital proof with others, add their email address and click "Next" (you can add multiple email addresses by using a comma to separate them). If you want the proof to be sent to the adviser's email address only, leave this area blank.


If you do not need a proof for the entire book, you can choose a specific section or page(s) and click "Send".


*Note: In most cases, you will receive the proof within 10 minutes. However, it is possible the proof can take up to 5 hours if any of your images have been archived. Please contact customer support if you do not receive a proof within 5 hours.

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