Sales Tax Exemption

Sales Tax Exemption

If your school or organization is tax exempt, please email a copy of your organization’s tax-exempt form to your account executive or customer success specialist. This is the only way to declare exemption from sales tax.

Tax-exempt status must be applied to each project you create. When creating a new project please contact your specialist to ensure proper tax-free documentation is applied. Sales tax will be collected and remitted to the state until a tax form is submitted. Refunds on any sales tax that is collected before a tax form is submitted, will not be issued. 

Sales tax is collected in the following states:
Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Jersey,  New York, Texas and Virginia. If your school is selling books in a state not listed above, we suggest that you speak with your business office to make sure you are compliant in your state.

The laws governing sales tax vary widely between states. Though some schools may be tax exempt, any goods sold for profit (such as a yearbook) may not fall under the tax-exempt status (a technicality that varies from state to state). If you need assistance determining if your school, organization, or project is tax exempt, you should consult your organization’s accounting department. It is your responsibility to ensure that a valid form is sent. We do not take any responsibility for sales tax once a tax-exempt form is submitted.

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