Subsidizing your Yearbook

Subsidizing your Yearbook

Selling a yearbook in an online storefront gives the adviser the option to subsidize the cost of the yearbook .This means that the purchaser of the yearbook will pay less than the actual cost of the yearbook. The school or organization must then pay that difference before the books are submitted to production.


Note: Subsidization is only available for pre-orders (not for Published Orders).


Step 1: Setting the price

As you can see in the image below, the adviser is able to set the yearbook price below the actual cost of the book. In the hardcover example, the book price is set at $40, whereas the cost of a 100-page hardcover in this example is $43.39. This results in a loss of $3.39 per book sold. The adviser is responsible for paying this difference when it's time to submit the books to print. 

Note: Advisers wishing to subsidize the entire cost of the yearbook may do so by checking the "Subsidize entire cost" checkbox. This will set the list price at $0 and the school/organization will be responsible for paying for subsidized books when submitting to production.


Step 2. Book Summary

In "Manage Sales", the system will summarize in real time your total amount owed on the books ordered in real time.

In the example below, the school or organization owes $93.90 so far. This must be paid before you submit the books to print.


Step 3. Paying for the Subsidization

Once your book is complete you may submit your books to production. To submit your books to production, click the Submit To Production button. Then you will be taken to a summary screen to review your order

You must pay the amount shown before the books are submitted to production. You may pay the subsidization debt by Credit Card, Paypal, or invoice.

Choosing to pay your amount due with a credit card or PayPal is the easiest and most efficient way to place your order and pay your balance. If you select this option you will be directed to our secure credit card processing terminal to complete your transaction. When your transaction is completed you will receive a confirmation screen summarizing your order. If you do not see a confirmation screen, your yearbooks are not in production and you should contact customer support. 


If you choose the 'invoice me' option, your books will go into production immediately. Your invoice will be emailed to the 'financial contact' that is set up in your storefront. Your yearbooks will not be shipped until this invoice is paid, so it's important to ensure it's promptly paid.

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