Using Text Styles

Using Text Styles

With Text Styles you can define what headlines, captions or any kind of text should look like throughout your project. See below on how to define your own text styles.


Creating Text Styles


1. Begin by adding some text to your project. Format the text until you get it to look how you want.  This will help you to decide how your text should look before creating your Text Styles. 

2. Note the formatting each of your types of text have. 

3. From the Advanced menu on the right of the screen, click Text Styles.

4. Here is where you will define your Text Styles. 

a. Give your first style a name

b. Choose a font

c. Choose a font size

d. If applicable, choose bold, italic, and/or underline

e. Choose a text alignment

f. Choose a color

5. Add your second Text Style by clicking “Add Another Style”. Give the second style a name and choose your formatting options. Continue to add your Text Styles this way. 

6. If you need to delete a Text Style, click the red trash can next to the name.


7. Click “Save” when you are done adding your Text Styles.


Applying Text Styles


1. Begin by adding a text box to the page and typing the text you want in the box. 

2. Select the text box.

3. With the text box selected, click “Apply Text Style” in the left panel.

4. You will see listed all the Text Styles you and your Sr. Editors have created. Choose the Text Style you want to apply to the selected text box.

5. The text in your text box will change to match the formatting of the chosen Text Style. 

6. Continue to add text to the page and apply your Text Styles as shown above. 


Text Styles FAQ


How many Text Styles can my project have?

As many as you want!


Who can create Text Styles?

Only the project’s Adviser and any Sr. Editor team members can create Text Styles.


Who can see and apply Text Styles?

Any team member who can edit pages can use the Text Styles that were created in the project.


Can I use Text Styles in any of my projects?

No. The Text Styles created in a given project, are only available within that same project. 


How do I delete a Text Style?

Go to Advanced > Text Styles and click the trash can next to the name of the Text Style you want to delete. Deleting a Text Style will not affect the text boxes that it’s applied to.


What can’t I do with Text Styles?

Text Styles is a new feature in Creator Studio. We will continue to improve it, but for now there are limitations. The following is currently not possible with Text Styles:

  • Once you apply a Text Style to a text box, you will not be able to tell what Text Style was originally applied to it later.
  • A Text Style can only be applied to a whole text box and not selected text within the text box.
  • You cannot create a new Text Style from a selected text box. Use Advanced > Text Styles to create new Text Styles.
  • Text Styles are limited to font, font size, bold, italic, underline, alignment and color. Shadow, stroke and text spacing are not available in Text Styles.    
  • Text Styles can only be applied to one text box at a time.

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