Yearbook Order Invoicing Process

Yearbook Order Invoicing Process

Invoicing Process

  1. The school collects yearbook payments and keeps a record of who has purchased a yearbook. (Online Storefront orders do not apply to this list.)
  2. At least three weeks prior to the ordering date, the adviser requests an invoice via an online form located at the bottom of this page. 
  3. An invoice is generated and is emailed to the adviser within two business days.
  4. The school mails a check for 100% of the invoice price.
  5. Once the check is received, a purchase code is sent to the adviser for the value of the invoice.
  6. The adviser uses the code to complete the order.

Note: If you wish to pay for in-school orders with a check or ACH you must request and pay an invoice. If you wish to pay for in-school orders with a credit card you do not need to request an invoice and can add the books directly in checkout.


For US customers, request an invoice here

For Canadian customers, request an invoice here

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