Creating a Storefront

Creating a Storefront

Create a New Store

1. From Creator Studio’s home screen, click the "Sell" tab. Then click the "New Store" button located in the lower right corner


2. Start by filling in the Store Details.  

Store Name - Your store name will be displayed at the top of your store. Do not include the word “Store” because “Store” will be added after the name.  Remember, your store can contain more than one yearbook, so pick a name that’s general to your school. For example: “Bulldog’s Yearbook” will appear as “Bulldog’s Yearbook Store” at the top of your store.

School or Organization Name (optional) - The school name you see in Creator Studio will be the same school name that will appear at the top of your store. You can choose a different school name here if you’d like.  

URL - This is the custom web address you’ll want to share with your school and parents. Anyone who wants to buy from your store will need to visit this link. 

Contact Info (optional) - By default, your name and email address will appear in the help menu of your store. Whatever you enter here, will replace the default email address that appears in the help menu.

Passcode (optional) - You can make your store more secure by only allowing access to visitors who have a passcode or password. Enter the passcode here and your store will not display to a visitor until they enter this passcode. 

Click “Next” when finished. 


3. Customize your store with an image of your school logo or mascot and your school colors. 

First, click the grey box to choose a file or drag your logo into this box. The image should be no more than 500 pixels by 500 pixels.

Next, select a color for your header. Click the color selector box and choose from a list of colors. Or if you have a hex value for a custom color, enter that under “Hex value”.

Finally, select a text color. Click the color selector box and choose from a list of colors. Or if you have a hex value for a custom color, enter that under “Hex value”.

A word of caution: Be careful choosing a header and text color that go well together and is easy to read. We recommend choosing black text on lighter colors and white text on darker colors. 

Click “Next” when finished. 


4. Choose which yearbooks to include for sale. Find the book or books you are wanting to sell in this store and check the box next to the name. If a book is already being sold in another one of your stores, that book will be unavailable. 

5. Click “Save” when finished. 


To learn how to publish your yearbook so it shows up in the store for sale, see this article here.





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