Parent Ads Home (Parents)

Parent Ads Home (Parents)

Once you have purchased and submitted your ad for approval, you may check on the status of your ad at anytime by visiting the Parent Ad URL that you were given by the yearbook adviser or accessing it from your school's online storefront (if applicable). To learn more about purchasing and submitting an ad, click here.


From this page, you can design a new ad or check on the status of other ads. Here are some of the statuses you may see:

Ads Not Yet Purchased - Ads that were started, but have not been purchased or submitted for review.

Ads Denied by Adviser - Ads that were purchased and submitted, but the adviser determined that the ad needs to be modified and resubmitted. You will receive an email giving a reason why the ad was denied and what can be done to fix it.

Pending Approval - Ads that were purchased and submitted, but are awaiting review and approval from the yearbook adviser. 

Purchased Ads - Ads that were purchased, submitted, and approved by the adviser. You will also see a status that will show if the ad has been placed on a page. 


Cancelling a Parent Ad

If your ad is in pending or denied status, you have the option to cancel and get a refund. Simply click the "Cancel" button. You will not have the option to cancel if your ad has already been approved by the yearbook adviser. If you want to cancel an ad that has been approved, you must first contact the yearbook adviser and tell them to remove your ad from any pages and then deny the ad. Once the ad is denied, you will be able to cancel and get a refund. 

Refunds can take anywhere between 3-5 business days. 

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