Parent Ads Guide

Parent Ads Guide

What are Parent Ads?

Parent Ads is a new feature that allows parents to celebrate a student's achievements while also supporting your school. 


Here are some articles to get you started and familiar with Parent Ads


Articles for Advisers and Yearbook Team

Parent Ad Settings


Parent Ad Management


Creating and Designing an Ad Section


Exporting Parent Ads


Parent Ad Sales Report


Managing Love Lines 


Articles for Parents

Purchasing a Parent Ad


Parent Ads Home


Purchasing Love Lines

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    • Parent Ads Sales Report

      To view a report of all Parent Ads that have been sold, click the "Parent Ads" button from the left menu of your project's dashboard.   Then click the "View Purchased Ads" button in the top right corner.   Now you will have access to all Parent Ads ...
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        Creator Studio + MyYearbookPhoto is a self-service school portrait tool which allows yearbook advisers to request school portraits from students and families and flow them right onto the pages of the yearbook.       Importing Names into Creator ...
    • Parent Ad Settings (Advisers)

      As a yearbook adviser, you now have the option to sell Parent Ads. If you would like to offer Parent Ads, simply open your project and click "Parent Ads" from the left menu.   You should then be redirected to Ad Settings (or you can click the Ad ...
    • Parent Ad Management (Advisers)

      As a yearbook adviser, you will be the only team member that can review and manage ads.  To manage ads, simply click the "Review and Manage Ads" button in your project's dashboard     Managing Ads From here, you will be able to see 4 categories for ...
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